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Loving Adobe Edge Animate

Throughout the past year I participated in the public Beta of Adobe's new Edge product. It is now released as Adobe Edge Animate 1.0. The big news: Adobe is releasing this powerful tool for FREE. You can read the announcement here. Like a modern iPhone game developer or a crack dealer of old, Adobe is giving you this "taste" for free, certain that, as the product evolves, you will return with money in hand, ready to buy some more. And you will.

Digital Media

The joining of various media — pictures, video, animation, sound, graphics — and then responding to users is a relatively new concept.  Last century it was called "multimedia," then "new media," and then "interactive media." More recently it might be a "Mash-Up" or a "Transmedia Event." But the way people encounter stories and messages has forever changed.

Responsive web design takes into account the device a user is using and customize the content to suit the device. On a mobile platform it can even customize the presentation based on the user's location.

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